The DERMATOLOGY departement

Good news for you !

New DERMATOLOGIST, the Dr Christian DERANCOURT, from 7 June 2019.

  • Dr DERANCOURT will be present on Thursdays and Fridays, twice a month.
  • Make appointment : ☎ (by email idem see medical consultations)

  • Dr DERANCOURT will receive only patients referred by a doctor and in possession of an explicit letter from him.
  • Dr DERANCOURT performs any type of dermatological consultation.
  • The melanoma screening visits conducted by Dr EL AAWAR are maintained.




Consultations of Dr Matteo BRIZIO, dermatologist, are possible in Oulx in Italia à l’Ambulatorio ASL, Corso Torino 37 – OULX

You can make an appointment directly, however it is best to have a doctor's letter to a dermatologist.

In practice, it is necessary to :

  • Ask (if you don't have it already) the European Health Insurance Card on the website

            => On line :


  • The available dates are :

            November : 08/11  - 29/11 - December : 06/12  - 20/12 - January 2020 : 10/01  - 24/01 


The day and time of the appointment, please bring:

  • ID Card
  • The European Health Insurance Card (the vital card is not necessary)
  • The doctor's doctor's letter (if applicable)


For any additional information, you can contact:

Madame Piera Favretto : tel. 0039 0122 621217 (en italien)

Executive management :



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