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Emmergency and useful numbers


How to access the hospital

Taxi and bus

In front of the hospital, there is a bus to the city center.
(For more information about the urban transports at Briançon : 04 92 20 47 10 - www.bustub.com)

You can book your taxi by contacting the staff of your service or the standard (9).

Car Park

A car park is at your disposal within the limits of the places available.
Be sure to park your vehicle in the authorizes locations.
Any vehicles that obstruct traffic will be removed.


To reach your home or other institution, you can:

  • Use your personal vehicle
  • Use of public transports: a station is located near the hospital (Information Urban Transport of Briançon: 04 92 20 47 10 - www.bustub.com)
  • Use a sanitary transport if your state requires it. In this case, you will receive a transport voucher in the service for reimbursement of expenses incurred by your health insurance fund. You have complete freedom in choosing the transport company. A list is at your disposal.